Hackathon Droidcon Italy

The Droidcon Italy HACKATHON is the hackathon organized just after the main Droidcon conference. Participation is FREE and sponsors will offer prizes to the best teams, plus special prizes to be defined.

The hackathon is about Android development in general, with particular focus on new the nds such as wearable, IoT, material design and more.
The first day, participant will receive the “theme(s)” to be followed to create an Android app, and have the chance to win.

What is in general

The hackathon is a contest where various groups of developers/hackers will compete to make the best hack or (in our case) create the best app, for example, using the API provided by the sponsors, or by using Android hardware or smartphone, or achieving a goal proposed by the sponsors, perhaps pursuing social or didactic activities. At the end of the hackathon, participants illustrate the results obtained and a jury evaluate the work rewarding the most deserving ones. The members of the jury are the organizing companies and the sponsors that promote the event. (for more details see the Rules)


Having a group of hackers playing with various APIs or products provided by sponsors is a challenge and a way for hackers to get to know and try their skills.

Up for grabs there will be prizes provided by the organizers and sponsors of droidcon.


I3P, the Innovative Enterprise Incubator of the Politecnico di Torino

Via Pier Carlo Boggio, 59
10138 Torino
011 090 5127


The Hackathon will be held the weekend after the Droidcon: from 10:00 of Saturday 11 to the 16:00 of Sunday 12 April 2015. It is important to be present Saturday morning from 9:00 at the Hackathon Location to complete your registration and receive preliminary information!
Participants will stay for the whole duration of the competition (day and night) with an available service of food & beverage.
On Sunday afternoon there will be the awarding ceremony of the best ideas (and achievements)!

Themes and Prizes