Android development: from an idea to your first (tested) app

*+-This presentation reviews the process of starting with Android development with a focus on testing. When starting with Android development, you can find tons of resources to help you to start your first app. When it comes to testing, there are a lot of questions you will ask yourself: -which test libraries are around -how […]

Testable Android Apps

*+-What’s the best testing framework on Android? Espresso or Robotium? Robolectric or a plain JUnit test? The reason why many developers don’t write tests is not due to the testing libraries but because of the low testability of the Android code. In this talk we’ll see, thanks to a practical example, how to use Dependency […]

What is new in Android testing

*+-Unit Test Support in Gradle, the new Android Testing Support Library , Espresso 2.1, JUnit4 …everyone talks of testing in 2015 ! We will review what is new and what is coming from Google. Happy Testing!

The hitchhiker’s guide to functional testing

*+-Android development and testing go hand in hand. When it comes to automated functional testing there are plenty of frameworks out there. During this interactive session Wiebe and Ali will be presenting a fine selection that could help you decide what to use in your next project. Some of the frameworks they will talk about […]