Android Security and Ethical Hacking

*+-Do you want to know more about pentest of Android applications and devices? Do you want to understand the role of an Ethical Hacker in the mobile security picture today? If yes, this talk is for you! The presentation introduces principles of ethical hacking and, in general, the role of a penetration tester to dive […]

Death to Passwords

*+-User authentication in mobile applications is a very common and integral use case. Implementing regular passwords is an easy solution for developers but comes with several pitfalls that impair user experience like (re-)entering passwords, the need to create a new unique password or even just the input of personal data on a flaky keyboard while […]

Secure VoIP

*+-Privacy and security became very relevant to everyday life and citizen. Scandals and leaks (eg: Snowden) demonstrated the importance to protect our own communications. PrivateWave was born in 2006 to secure communications, targeting large enterprise and government agencies. We developed a multi-platform secure VoIP solution, available on Android, Blackberry 7 and 10 and iOS, to […]

Android Lollipop for enterprise

*+-With the latest major release of the Android OS, codenamed “Lollipop”, Google is playing its best cards to enter the enterprise market. Android 5.0 Lollipop has introduced new features, security enhancement and upgraded API for device management; it can now be considered a mature operating system to be used in critical environment and a potential […]

(Un)Security Guidelines

*+-Cosa fare, ma soprattutto, cosa non fare durante il ciclo di sviluppo di un’applicazione Android. In questo talk mostreremo quali sono le possibili problematiche e i vettori di attacco nello scenario Android, dimostrando con esempi pratici le pratiche da utilizzare e in particolare quelle da evitere. Le macro tematiche affronatate durante il corso del talk […]

Android Piracy

*+-This talk will show the problems that arise from pirated apps as well as which countermeasures you, as a developer, can take to make it as difficult as possible to pirate your apps. Building awesome Android apps is a really really hard work that takes tons of time and dedication and also money. The worst […]