Prototype your Mobile UX design-Workshop

*+-Mobile (User) Experience Design is very important when creating awesome mobile application. This workshop will show you how the professionals do this. Also you will learn how to design a mobile application and how to improve your design skills.

The Augmented Reality Experience On Smart Glasses-Workshop

*+-What’s Augmented Reality? How is possible to design a good AR app for smart glasses? Through two different theorical parts lead by the two tutors, this workshop will guide the participants first in the world of Augmented Reality, with history and case studies explanation of this technology. During the second section, UX and UI principles […]

The user experience of branding

*+-Brands like to be available on mobile platforms. They try to brand anything, especially on android. So we get very complex ideas, which are sometimes ending up in a mess. We have to deal with this problem. I will ask and answer the question why we brand. I share a better insight and talk about […]

Improving UX through performance

*+-These days, more companies are entering the global market and even more individuals are using smart phones globally. It is becoming increasingly important for mobile engineers to guarantee stable service under any environment. Cookpad Inc. is one of the companies that are struggling at this phase. The company runs the largest recipe site (50mil MAU) […]

Developing UX is your job!

*+-Many people think UI and UX are the same thing, but they are not! UI is a subset of UX and this talk is about what we can do, as developers, to enhance user experience in our apps.

The 16 milliseconds magic.

*+-16 is the real magic number. Why should you care about it? How is Android really making things move on that screen? Why should you care about vSync and what exactly is it? Layout passes, measurements and drawing will have no more secrets for you if you attend this talk (well almost…)

Learn to accelerate – hardware acceleration in Android

*+-Hardware acceleration is a very important tool to know because it’s maybe the only tool that not knowing it can damage existing code for no apparent reason in a way that could make your application start crashing or misbehaving without you changing a single character of code. Why would that happen? Very simple; since hardware […]

Studio di Gestures innovative per l’interazione con App per dispositivi mobili

*+-Negli ultimi anni dispositivi mobili dotati di schermi touch screen, quali smartphone e tablet, hanno registrato un notevole incremento di vendite e interesse da parte del pubblico. Questi dispositivi hanno una modalità di utilizzo completamente diversa rispetto al classico personal computer o ai vecchi telefoni cellulari; ad esempio il tipo di interazione, le modalità di […]

Pixel perfect is (not) the new black

*+-UI CHALLENGES —> Digital vs Print – Statical design that will never change versus something that is dynamically changing based on user’s influence and device specific factors. – Static VS user flow. —> The case of Android: many devices and densities – Fragmentation: a challenge that a designer cannot control but need to face in […]

Lessons from Material Design on cross-channel digital experiences

*+-“Develop a single underlying system that allows for a unified experience across platforms and device sizes. Mobile precepts are fundamental, but touch, voice, mouse, and keyboard are all first-class input methods.” Google’s Material Design gives clear, concise instructions on how to design digital experiences that follow their principles, patterns and goals. UbiquityLab’s UX and Android […]