Improving UX through performance

These days, more companies are entering the global market and even more individuals are using smart phones globally. It is becoming increasingly important for mobile engineers to guarantee stable service under any environment. Cookpad Inc. is one of the companies that are struggling at this phase. The company runs the largest recipe site (50mil MAU) in Japan and is expanding businesses to new markets such as Indonesia and Lebanon. The greatest challenges in those countries are harsh internet environments such as low bandwidth, low specification devices and spreadout locales. As a leading Android engineer of the company, I would like to share some knowledge that we learned. My presentation consists of 3 parts.

1. API design
UX depends a great deal on API design same as UI design. We should know how to design API for mobile which is totally different from web API. Specifically, API should be designed based on user action.

2. Communicating with the server
There are many ways to request/cache/manage resources. I will talk
about the efficient way for an Android project that communicates with a server and how we optimize it.

3. Image optimization
Image is a largest bandwidth consumer. The good news is that there are many effective ways to improve performance of application. I will do a demostration to show how images are loaded.

Development Optimization UX UX/UI Design
Location: Sala Lisbona Date: 10 April 2015 Time: 11:40 - 12:10 Kentaro Takiguchi Kentaro Takiguchi