Android development: from an idea to your first (tested) app

This presentation reviews the process of starting with Android development with a focus on testing.
When starting with Android development, you can find tons of resources to help you to start your first app. When it comes to testing, there are a lot of questions you will ask yourself:
-which test libraries are around
-how to build a Continuous integration environment

During this talk, I will walk you through steps to start to write tests while developing your first Android app. I will introduce some test libraries, like the Android testing framework and Selendroid.

When it comes to Continuous Integration, there are a lot of tutorials around, but they never cover the entire space from unit tests to acceptance tests. During this talk, I will show you how I setup a Jenkins CI environment at eBay that is repeatable using Chef.
You will learn how to run unit and functional tests using the Android Emulator Jenkins plugin and Gradle. I will also go over some of the problems I encountered like a bug from the Android Emulator plugin and how I overcame them.

Key takeaways:
– how to choose a testing library for your first Android app
– how to setup a CI to run your tests

Continuous integration Development Gradle Testing
Location: Sala Madrid Date: 10 April 2015 Time: 15:40 - 16:20 d1c5616bfec257a224b86cb47985d82e Chiara Chiappini