Engineering Wunderlist for Android

Wunderlist is the most important productivity app with more than 10 million users, available in the five most important platforms, best app of the year in the Mac App Store 2013… uppps… this is Droidcon Torino right?? ok … then:

Wunderlist for Android, rated 4.5 and in Editor’s Choice since August 2013, Top Developers in Google Play Store, being promoted as a featured app by Google several times and included in the collection of the Best Apps of 2014.

Do you want to know how Wunderlist has been made? the architecture? the secrets about the real time sync and more many more cool stuff?
In this talk I will explain you everything that you wanted to know and never dared to ask ;-)

Best practice Development
Location: Sala Madrid Date: 9 April 2015 Time: 14:30 - 15:10 cesar valiente Cesar Valiente