Experimenting Monitoring and Proximity techniques using Android potential and iBeacon devices

What is iBeacon technology and what is used for?
How can we use this technology to effectively track people movements in a closed space like a room or a shop?
How can we push them interesting contents based on their proximity to an object?
In my presentation I will show you how to create a simple indoor location app to locate users in a room mapped through some iBeacon devices. Then I will show you how to interact with users presenting them notifications and contents based on their distance from iBeacon devices.

The talk explain what is an iBeacon and how Android can interact with it. How to create and send notifications not only to a device but also to an Android Wear smart watch.
I will show some source code of the app (available later in Github) and a live demo app that map users in a room filled with some iBeacons.

Bluetooth ibeacon Proximity
Location: Sala Istanbul Date: 9 April 2015 Time: 14:30 - 15:10 04b66ce Matteo Gazzurelli