Learn to accelerate – hardware acceleration in Android

Hardware acceleration is a very important tool to know because it’s maybe the only tool that not knowing it can damage existing code for no apparent reason in a way that could make your application start crashing or misbehaving without you changing a single character of code.
Why would that happen? Very simple; since hardware acceleration is simply the translation of former software rendered canvas drawing code to OpenGL commands which run on the GPU so your code looks the same but it does not act the same and to make matters worse it will also behave differently on different devices and API levels. So why do we need it and how do we make it right again? Wait and see… this is what the session is all about :)

Development Graphics UI UX/UI Design
Location: Sala Londra Date: 10 April 2015 Time: 09:50 - 10:30 personal_square Royi Benyossef