Abhisek Devkota Abhisek Devkota

Senior Engineering & Community Manager @ Cyanogen Inc.

Abhisek Devkota is the Senior Engineering & Community Manager Cyanogen Inc., formed to support the largest aftermarket Operating System for Android devices ­ CyanogenMod, and provide additional consumer choice with the Android platform. The CyanogenMod Project is an open ­source distribution that is community driven and created in collaboration with volunteers around the world, with the goal to allow users to truly own their phone through customization, functionality and enhanced security over their personal data.

Abhisek is a veteran of the consulting industry surrounding Washington, DC. Before joining Cyanogen Inc. he worked on implementation of Software as a Service solutions for various US government agencies and in his spare time, was himself a volunteer to the CyanogenMod project for 6 years.

Abhisek is an avid fan of technology and open­ source communities. He is especially interested in opening the more niche prosumer and enthusiast ideas to the average user, including the benefits of secure services and personal data management.

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