falsina Luca Falsina

Master student in ECS at Politecnico di Milano

Luca Falsina is currently a Master student in Engineering of Computing Systems at Politecnico di Milano, university in which he also got his Bachelor Degree in 2012.
During his Master thesis period, Luca is deepening his knowledge in the computer security area, in particular related to Android mobile phones, and in cryptography, especially when used on the very same devices. Grab’n Run, an open-source library to secure dynamic code loading on Android devices, is the main outcome of his thesis work and is clearly a mixture between these two areas of interest.
During his first Master year, Luca had the possibility to spend six months at the Computer Science Department of Aarhus University in Denmark, where, among all, he strengthened his cryptography knowledge by taking Ivan Damgård class on the topic.
Back in 2012 Luca joined the DOSE project, a course organized by ETH Zurich, whose goal was teaching how to successfully manage and develop outsourced and distributed complex pieces of software while cooperating with teams from all over the world.
Luca has also experience in teaching activities at Politecnico di Milano, where in particular he covered the position of Laboratory Tutor for the final examination course in Software Engineering in 2013 and where he is currently enrolled as a Tutor for incoming foreign Master students with the program “150 Ore”.

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