niccolo_droid Niccolò Mangiarotti

AR Development Specialist @ JoinPad

I’m Niccolò Mangiarotti and I work as Augmented Reality development specialist in JoinPad. I approached the world of software development for the first time at the age of 12, finding out that I had a great passion for the world of computer science. During my life this passion guided me through a great variety of sectors, spacing from hardware repairing to research and deploy of innovative software solutions, passing through databases administration, backend to frontend development, enterprise projects architecture prototyping and much more, I always built my knowledges as an autodidact and I’m very proud of it. Even tough my awareness is wide, I also have a very deeply detailed knowledge in each one of the sector I accessed. By working with Augmented Reality I ended up finding the context in which I can fully express my potential.

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