Invitation to the Women in Technology meeting with Intel

-+*We are delighted to invite female developer and other tech-passionate to a small networking event taking place on Thursday 09th of April in Room Parigi at 11 a.m. Designed to attract female students and developer professionals alike, the event will feature a talk on Diversity at Intel from Wolfgang Petersen (EMEA Director – Intel Developer […]

Beyond expectations!

-+*It’s with great pleasure that the staff of Droidcon Italy will announce a major goal: on 9 and April 10 2015 will be at least 500 participants in the two days of the conference! We are proud and motivated more than ever to achieve goals even higher to offer you the best of the Android’s […]

April fool :)

-+*In an interview released today, the Google Developer Expert (GDE) Stephan Triglia, revealed an internal project codenamed “Shellfish” from Google, aimed to remove Linux from the Android base software, replacing int with BSD. This move has an unexpected meaning: “as you may know, BSD is the base OS for Mac OSX and iOS, we took this decision […]

UDOO presentation @ Droidcon Italy Hackathon

-+*Do you think Hackathon is only for guys with an innovative idea to develop? You are wrong! Droidcon Italy’s hackathon, which will take place 11 and 12 April at I3P, Via Pier Carlo Boggio 59 (Innovative Enterprise Incubator of Politecnico of Turin), will be a lot more! It will introduce a new UDOO model, that […]

BarCamp @ Droidcon Italy

-+*During the first day of conference, there will be a BarCamp session. In the morning, after the main session, you can propose your presentation or talk and the community will vote on it. The selected speakers will get a slot at the end of first day (beginning ad 17:10). Be ready, and don’t miss this […]

Job Exchange @ DroidconIT

-+*Just like in the other editions, at Droidcon Italy you will find the Job Exchange Board, and the possibility to share your CV with the sponsors, always looking for new talents for exciting job positions. Just write to cv(at), or use the board available during the event!

Tag Cloud with all Droidcon Italy tracks

-+*Wondering what to follow? Get inspired following our clickable tag cloud: Agile Androidtv androidwear Animation Authentication B2B Baas Best practice Bluetooth Chromecast Continuous integration Crossplatform Design Development Enterprise Gradle Graphics Hardware History html5 ibeacon Interaction Iot Java Kanban layout optimization Lollipop material design Monetization Networking Optimization Performance Proximity Qt Scrum Sdk Security Sensor management Tdd […]

Telecom Italia Silver Sponsor a Droidcon Italy 2015

-+*L’innovazione è figlia del proprio tempo e questo è il tempo della digital life. Telecom Italia offre agli Italiani servizi di telecomunicazione innovativi, internet, contenuti digitali, servizi cloud e molto altro. Sono le fondamenta tecnologiche sulle quali ognuno può innalzare i propri sogni: avere più tempo, più energia, più libertà. Incontra anche tu Telecom Italia […]

Get discounts for Cloudconf, Codemotion & PHPDay!

-+*Dear Droidcon followers, get discounts for popular upcoming conferences organized by our partners! Cloudconf 40% discount on Cloudconf ticket. Discount code “droidcon-sconto”. Subscribe Now! Codemotion  40% discount on Codemotion Rome ticket. Discount code “PP_droidcon” Subscribe Now! Grusp 10% discount on PHPDay ticket. Discount code “DroidCon” Subscribe Now!

The App Clinic

-+*ISCRIVITI PER UN CHECK-UP appuntamenti fissi in cui sarà possibile far esaminare la propria applicazione Android agli esperti internazionali, rilevandone pregi ma soprattutto i difetti. Ed è proprio su questi ultimi che si concentreranno gli speakers, che vi aiuteranno a risolvere i possibili problemi che potrebbero far bloccare l’applicazione o renderla poco utilizzabile. ISCRIVITI PER […]