Death to Passwords

*+-User authentication in mobile applications is a very common and integral use case. Implementing regular passwords is an easy solution for developers but comes with several pitfalls that impair user experience like (re-)entering passwords, the need to create a new unique password or even just the input of personal data on a flaky keyboard while […]

The 16 milliseconds magic.

*+-16 is the real magic number. Why should you care about it? How is Android really making things move on that screen? Why should you care about vSync and what exactly is it? Layout passes, measurements and drawing will have no more secrets for you if you attend this talk (well almost…)

Secure VoIP

*+-Privacy and security became very relevant to everyday life and citizen. Scandals and leaks (eg: Snowden) demonstrated the importance to protect our own communications. PrivateWave was born in 2006 to secure communications, targeting large enterprise and government agencies. We developed a multi-platform secure VoIP solution, available on Android, Blackberry 7 and 10 and iOS, to […]

Boiling out Boilerplate

*+-Ever since we started developing for Android platform, we noticed that some tasks are repetitive: from simple things like finding views in our activities, to sending extras or creating fragments with arguments, to creating parcelable classes, to persisting data, to creating web service clients. This not only slows down initial development, but is mostly a […]

Building Top-Notch Android SDKs

*+-The Android app ecosystem is growing and it’s time to make it easier for developers to build better apps. There is a need for better tools and libraries to make everyday’s work more efficient. This talk aims to create a minimum viable SDK. A set of best practices, tips and tricks in a step-by-step approach […]

Android BaaS hands-on

*+-Dal 2011 i Backend as a Service (BaaS) stanno rivoluzionando il modo in cui le App dialogano con i server. Grazie alla loro semplicià e flessibilià è possibile disegnare ed implementare un’App con dati distribuiti in rete senza scrivere una linea di codice lato server. In 45 minuti mostreremo come sviluppare una chat con tanto […]

Engineering Wunderlist for Android

*+-Wunderlist is the most important productivity app with more than 10 million users, available in the five most important platforms, best app of the year in the Mac App Store 2013… uppps… this is Droidcon Torino right?? ok … then: Wunderlist for Android, rated 4.5 and in Editor’s Choice since August 2013, Top Developers in […]

The unconventional devices for the Android video streaming

*+-Streaming video is not just through Android smartphone and tablet. The 2014 was the year where Chromecast reached its brightness, getting into 4 millions living rooms. The 2015 instead is the year of the Android TV, the Google way “to smart” the TV. This talk we’ll give you an overview about the streaming in Android. […]